Miu Miu Resort 2017 Collection Review

It’s no surprise that Miu Miu had something fabulous planned, and their resort collection pulls out all the stops for unique looks. Reminiscent of the typical teen pyjama parties. this is a vibrant, eccentric and animated example of Miuccia Prada’s prowess.

Stepping into Miu’s wonka-esque fashion world, the first thing I am struck by is the palettes of pastels, like sweet wrappers. The vibrant and rich set really raise the bar for presentations as well as accentuating the collection. The wrap skirts are nostalgic with the pastel print, the layering of the striped long sleeve crop top with the metallic button down crop strikes me as a well paired mix of texture. The accessories also stand out to me as a well-utilised addition, the varieties of fabric are versatile and tasteful. The shiny pink dress is prominent to me as an eye-catching look, something to refer back to when planning. The two styled versions of the baby pink dress are an exercise in wearability, with both looks being matched with a complimenting colour.

The 3 piece in the same fabric inspires me with the application and styling of each piece respectively. The greens in front of the red backdrop accent the mix match of prints, something I draw inspiration from. The bags are a prominent accessory, with over-sizing playing a part in the overall silhouette in many looks, something to consider when planning also. The next shot is one of my favourites, the extravagant set is an epitome of Miu Miu’s showmanship and something I can only aspire to work with. The neutral satin material works wonders with the bold accessories accompanying it. The next look is reminiscent of a thrift shop,with bold contrasting colours and excessive jewellery.

The print of these next two are very thought provoking for me, with the dresses being over-sized and paired tastefully with the accessories. Footwear stands out to me in this particular shot with the striking yellow marabou shoes. Our next look is an eye catching example of layering, with the snake-esque print diverting attention underneath the white shirt dress. The satin coat looks elegant to me and feeds my inspiration, the paired red accesories stand out to me also, rounding off the look perfectly. The last look is very striking, the embroidered pink PVC coat is a statement piece paired with the aforementioned pastel prints. The black alternative to the previous dresses is paired with baby blue, the wide neckline accenting the look, giving it a very regal but chaotic twist.


See the full collection here


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