Alexander McQueen Spring 2017 Collection Review

In the summer of 2016, Sarah Burton and her team travelled to Shetland Isles in Scotland to research for the collection, surrounded by the nature and landscapes, plenty of inspiration came to them. From the punk-rock twist on kilts to the delicate wild embroideries adorning cotton dresses, Alexander McQueen is still a distinctive brand.

The next look is a dainty dress, the transparency of the material is  comparable with the thin fogs that blanket the moorlands. The delicate material accentuating the silhouette. The following look is a really interesting maxi, covered with highland patterned borders and lower body frills, this look really caught my attention. The silhouette is loose-fitting but with the application of lace, it’s a much more feminine look. The frills also elongate the silhouette. The next look really excited me, the patchwork is something I really want to incorporate, it’s homely knitted vibe works wonders with a silhouette such as this, the dress is a statement piece and a massive influence on me.

The next look caught my attention as a coat is something I have been considering to attempt. The embroidered wild flowers compliment the silhouette and the adorned zips are a statement in itself, let alone with the styling options, McQueen once again utilising wearability. The following look is a gorgeous compliment to the aesthetics, the wild flowers are an intricate epitome of the workmanship that has gone into development. The pattern forms around the body, slimming and accentuating the silhouette, proving to be a head-turner. The next look is a really interesting piece, the effects and manipulation to capture the kinetic movements of the sea are boasted in this garment. The silhouette wrapping around the model beautifully, a perfectly designed dress for what it’s conveying.

The following look is an eye-catching piece, there’s a black alternative but the red really stood out to me with the contrasting black accessories. The silhouette is very pronounced, shoulders being a statement detail, however it’s the lower half that I’m drawn to; the overlapping patterns and middle seam draw in the silhouette. With the next look we see the middle seam again but with horizontal stripes also, this is a silhouette I would love to incorporate. The final look is truly the showstopper, with the incredibly intricate underwater embroidery scene sewn all over the black lace gown, it’s no wonder. The silhouette is gorgeous and the garment sits on the model beautifully. In summation, Sarah and her team have captured the magic of the Scottish moors perfectly with a exemplary collection and a example of skilled development.


See the full collection here


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