Clio Peppiatt Spring 2017 Collection Review

Having been a fan of Clio’s for a while, I have anticipated finally reviewing her SS17 Collection. An epitome of modern femininity,  this collection boasts an empowering vibe with seamless presentation. From flames to panthers, this collection is an aesthetic of it’s own.

The first look I have chosen is a red lace dress with appliqued patches. The silhouette is very flattering accompanied with the neck tie, something I would love to incorporate. The chosen makeup for the look matches well with the bright block colour. The second look is a very daring look, but a statement nonetheless. The accompanying coat is a gorgeous addition, the contrast in silhouette is something I draw inspiration from, especially with the fluffy sandals.

The next look is also an inspiring piece to me, the rock and roll vibe of leather and flames with white shirt is a classic look but redefined with the tight silhouette of the bustier. The paired makeup is also a point of interest to me, with the bright lipstick balancing out the red details of the set perfectly. The next look plays on the red also, this time with a glamorous twist . The embellished red gems bring dimension to the bodice and would be a eye-catching piece for a photoshoot. The mouth patches used in the straps and the red glasses are distinctive details to the look and the utilisation of personalised styling is clear. The next look strikes me for the clash of orange and blue, the look is very prominent regardless of setting. The fast women shirt is a favourite of mine, paired with a blue jacket is strikes me as a very american metal look.

The next look is a distinguishing look for Clio Peppiatt’s label, the illustration is one of my favourites in this season’s offerings. The positioning of the appliques and embroidery inspire me for my designs. The next look caught my attention for the styling; the black t-shirt dress is a classic silhouette, when paired with the bright red strapped boots, the colours used for the neckline and embroidery become more prominent in my opinion.

Following that look is a white alternative to the Fast Women shirt paired with a gorgeous skirt with panther appliqued hem border. The colour palette is gorgeous for this particular look, with the reds framing the silhouette nicely. The final look has employed layering well, the tight sweetheart neckline over a long-sleeve shirt motivates my layering ideas. The necklace is also a stand out piece to me, utilising the illustrations used in the collection. In summation (and in my opinion), Clio is a fresh influence on the YBD world and one to watch in 2017.


See the full collection here


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