Vera Wang Bridal Fall 2017 Collection Review

Vera Wang has been a long time idol for me, I recently watched a few youtube clips of her and she really seems to me like a down-to-earth person. So it’s only appropriate for Vera Wang’s Fall 2017 collection to be my first bridal review.

The first dress, Floriana, is a soft white crepe off the shoulder neck gown with french tuelle draped sleeves. I really like the draped neck effect on this silhouette, the elongated sleeves are also an admired detail, it’s almost a callback to grunge fashion. The second dress, Felisa, is a light ivory hand draped French tuelle A-line off the shoulder gown with draped sleeve accents. This dress, although revealing, is really elegant in my opinion. The light tuelle adds dimension and fluffs out the silhouette giving an almost cloud effect, the neckline is also something to consider when planning my own dress. The third dress, Geltrude is a light ivory strapless A-line macrame lace gown with French tuelle build up and sleeves. This look is gorgeous, the shape and fit with the lace patterning is really tasteful, something to refer to when planning also.

The next dress, Galilea, is a light ivory halter neck A-line macrame lace gown with sheer French tuelle back. Utilising the lace used in this collection, the dress is a classic look, with the french tuelle back giving it a traditional decorous vibe. The next dress, Juliette, is a light ivory macrame lace ballgown with draped skirt and hand placed macrame lace and bridal accent buttons. This is a very revised look, with the ballgown silhouette being a traditional and befitting choice. The next dress, Violetta, is a light ivory silk faille A-line gown with draped skirt accented by crystal embroidery and macrame lace yoke. This is a look for the alternative bride, the embroidery is a distinctive detail.

The seventh dress, Favianna, is a light ivory V-neck silk mermaid gown with illusion high neck accented by all over hand placed Chantilly lace applique. I really love this look, as a personal favourite of this collection. The illusion high neck frames the silhouette seamlessly while the Chantilly lace gives it a lovely flowing depth. The last dress, Viviana, is a light ivory silk faille plunging V-neck gown with draped skirt and sleeves and jewelled belt detail. This strikes me as a very boho inspired look, the plunging neckline really frames the draped sleeves perfectly, definitely something to refer back to when planning my dress. All in all, I really enjoy Vera Wang’s bridal tastes and can’t wait to see more from her!


See the full collection here


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